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Elly Crichton Stuart


Children and Young People

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Elly has worked in schools throughout the U.K and on many projects including Eastfeast and Transitions. She ran an award winning company called The Fabulists together with storyteller Heleni Achilleos. The Outsider Storytelling project, funded by he Children's Fund, educated thousands of school children in rural Essex about the effects of racism through the true story of the Kindertransport which she will be telling at The Felixtowe Book Festival this year.

Elly worked extensively for the British Council running workshops in Museums, Galleries and classrooms as part of The Magic Pencil, an exhibition of illustrations of children's books. She worked with 10 – 12 years olds and their teachers in Mumbai, with families in Chennai, schools in Venezuela and ran training sessions for teachers in Taiwan. She also ran empowerment workshops for 16 – 18 year olds in Macedonia as part of the Blue Sky Summer School.

Mindfulness and Storytelling

Elly qualified to teach Mindfulness in 2017. She is excited about the prospect of offering Mindfulness and Storytelling to adults, teachers, young people and children.
The benefits of both are:


To contact Elly telephone: 01383 860824, Text 07731 159126 or email: ellycstuart@gmail.com




Parent following a sharing at St. Joseph's Primary School

Fred and Nathan from Walton Primary School